World Menopause Day 2022

Menopause: Continuing the Conversation

After years of silence the menopause has gone mainstream – and opening-up, whether it’s with friends, family or work colleagues is a cause for celebration. And we want to continue that conversation. Produced in partnership with ITN Business, in our news-style programme we'll be talking about the businesses who are making changes in the workplace, why lifestyle changes can help improve symptoms and how HRT isn’t for everyone. Our programme will cut through the misinformation to give straight talking, practical advice with British Menopause Society health professionals.
Louise Minchin presents ‘Menopause: Continuing the Conversation'.

British Menopause Society Features

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Busting taboos around menopause

With women of menopausal age representing the fastest growing group in the workforce, Accenture are making impressive moves in a bid to retain its most important asset - its people.

Becoming a menopause-friendly employer

With 1 in 4 women experiencing severe debilitating menopause symptoms, Aldermore Group are on a journey to de-stigmatise talking about menopause.

Progressive policies and practices

Aston University is fostering a workplace culture where it’s okay to for employees to talk about how the menopause is impacting them.

Empowering women in their careers

AXA UK has started an initiative to empower women in their careers at every stage of life, creating a culture of understanding, trust, respect and belonging.

Boots are busting barriers

Supporting their menopausal team members with initiatives to raise awareness, while continuing to expand menopause support and treatment for the general public.

Menopause in a ‘Man’s World’

In the traditionally male dominated sector, Cadent Gas are creating an environment that champions the menopause and women’s health issues.

The individual effects of menopause

FSCS is offering a range of menopause assistance to staff, supporting them in being as effective as possible, both personally and professionally.

The Menopause Promise

Lloyds Banking Group are putting menopause at the forefront of their wellbeing approach, implementing support so everyone experiencing it directly, indirectly and those yet to go through it, benefit.

A quarter of menopausal women consider leaving their jobs

NatWest Group is partnering with Peppy Health to provide app-based menopause support to all employees and their partners, as part of a larger, holistic approach to wellbeing.

Controlling how we age

Scientists have recently found that the menopause contributes to the acceleration of the ageing process - Dr Nichola Conlon is on a mission to educate us on the science behind the symptoms.

Increasing support and awareness

With an already impressive awareness programme in place, Partners& are now working to increase support and awareness across a multitude of sectors.

An issue employers can’t afford to ignore

With an increase of 44% in employment tribunals that cited menopause, The Peninsula Group says that adopting menopause best practice reduces risk of pay out and losing valuable employees.

Hot flushes in pandemic PPE

Hot flushes, anxiety and memory loss can be alarming, but imagine these symptoms coinciding with the start of the pandemic while on the frontline in head-to-toe PPE.

1 in 2 women will break a bone after the age of 50

Due to a drop in oestrogen levels, women are more likely to break bones. The Royal Osteoporosis Society discuss the importance of looking after our bones.

Preventing a skills gap

Utility Warehouse are creating more opportunities and providing flexible working hours, to support over 300 female employees going through a biological transition in the workplace.

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